Jim VR Channel Art

This image was created to form part of the identity for my own YouTube channel 'Jim VR', which is an outlet for me to review and articulate experiences with Virtual Reality games and hardware. I decided upon the hand drawn cartoon approach to create a friendlier, vibrant and fun feel to the channel.


This piece was created as part of my final academic studies into photographic art, and was subsequently exhibited at an end of year show held in Cardiff during May 2016.

Architectural Visualisation

This project was undertaken as a technical exercise to establish the level of image quality that I could achieve when visualising architecture.

The Workshop

The goal for this project was to create a highly detailed image that visualises my own interpretation of a fictitious environment.

Inner City Pressure

This project was originally titled ‘Travelogue’ where by brief was to create a short video representing a journey with a clear emphasis on the passage of time. So in response I made a music video, set to the comedic tones of The Flight of the Conchords, which depict the lyrics through time-lapse photography.


The aim for this piece was to create a graffiti wall that would form the backdrop for a video project, where the image would be panned from left to right, and the graffiti would visualise the lyrics of the backing music as the scene played.

96 Hours with Eject Pilot Eject

My brief for this project was to photographically document the experiences of a band as they recorded three of their songs, a process that would take four very long days. These spreads are a small selection from a book that I designed and produced as a result, which through images forms a narrative of events during the 96 hour long shoot.

Split Tone

This image was primarily created for local band ‘Eject Pilot Eject’ to form part of their promo set. There was no specific brief here other than to present a rock music concept in a simple manner.

A Splash of Lime

My brief here was to create an image that encapsulated the phrase ‘a splash of lime’, and its implied attributes, such as ‘refreshing’ and ‘zesty’.


My brief for this image was to create an A2 promo poster for local band ‘Eject Pilot Eject’ that would break from the traditional band photo, where band members were typically arranged on some steps, or stood in-front of a wall.

Gnomes Alone

This piece of animation was created for a client who wanted to advertise the presence of their new comparison website, in addition to building an idea for a possible future series. The brief for this project was to create and animate a lonely gnome character who was disgruntled at the fact that he could not get onto his dating website 'Gnomes Alone' because of all the people who had mistaken the site's name for 'Homes Alone', and were subsequently clogging it up by searching for homes.

Meek's Chair

I created this animation to test a character rig that I was developing for a short film. The simple narrative has been devised to put the character (Meek) through a number of scenarios to assess the ease of animation with the rig I had designed.

3D Modelling

This is a small selection of modelling projects that I undertook during my time learning Cinema 4D. I’m self-taught and picked up most of my knowledge by entering modelling and animation competitions, most of which I either won or came in the top three. Of course these were competitions run by the online community and carried no prestigious awards, however they were a great vehicle for me to get into the world of CGI.