My brief for this image was to create an A2 promo poster for local band ‘Eject Pilot Eject’ that would break from the traditional band photo, where band members were typically arranged on some steps, or stood in-front of a wall. We decided that a movie style poster would be suitable, and that the narrative should be set in a post-apocalyptic world, whilst incorporate their band logo as a title element.

The final image was a mixture of many imaging techniques, but ultimately came down to a great deal of time in Photoshop. Firstly a concept was drawn up to be okayed before production began, once this had been done the band were photographed in a studio on a white background, where particular attention was paid to the lighting set up so that it matched the intended background that would be created later. The angle of the key lights had to be correct as well as the use of coloured rim lights. The camera angle was also considered to match the background perspective.

The background itself is a combination of CGI and photography. The ruined buildings and rubble were modelled in Cinema4D, before being positioned in a scene and rendered. After which numerous photographs or cracked concrete, moss and other ‘demolition’ images were blended on top of the CGI output using overlay and cloning techniques. Once all of the photography had been blended and manipulated onto the CG images, other photographs for the sky and floor, as well as a vector graphic for the logo were added.