The aim for this piece was to create a graffiti wall that would form the backdrop for a video project, where the image would be panned from left to right, and the graffiti would visualise the lyrics of the backing music as the scene played. In addition there would be a live motion foreground composited into the final scene, so this backing image needed to have a level of realism. Because of its width, it is not possible to show the entire image here, but here are a few segments of it.

The basis of the image is a number of photographs of a concrete panel wall, which have been stitched to make one very wide image. The image is so wide because it had to be visible for a pre-defined duration on screen, while being panned at a pre-determined speed. This was taken into account where designing the images dimensions.

Once the wall has been constructed, the graffiti was digitally drawn on top, and blended onto the concrete texture. The drawings themselves depict the lyrics from the backing track and were laid out specifically to be visible on screen in sync with the audio.