This image was created to form part of the identity for my own YouTube channel 'Jim VR', which is an outlet for me to review and articulate experiences with Virtual Reality games and hardware. I decided upon the hand drawn cartoon approach to create a friendlier, vibrant and fun feel to the channel. The artwork also allowed me to express key experiences within VR that others could immediately relate to by depicting iconic aspects from various main-steam and indie titles.

Furthermore I wanted to utilise the display mechanics on YouTube to depict the immersion of VR, so I designed the drawing in three elements, a full colour centre strip containing aspects from VR games, a monochromic backdrop depicting reality, and finally myself using the hardware as a connection between the two worlds.

The centre strip was scaled so that it fits perfectly within YouTube’s standard channel banner, meaning that upon visiting my channel, the full colour virtual depiction is what a user would see, and the reality part would be hidden. However if the user were to scroll down, the top banner would expand revealing the rest of the image. This currently only applies to the gaming version of YouTube, but it was worth doing.