My brief here was to create an image that encapsulated the phrase ‘a splash of lime’, and its implied attributes, such as ‘refreshing’ and ‘zesty’. To keep the focus on these key words I kept my approach simple and only included the basic elements in the image, i.e. lime and a clear liquid motif.

The shot was created by using a small aquarium that has flat clear sides, allowing me to place a camera level with the water level. This was arranged in a studio, where I used a white backdrop and a high-key light setup to blow the backdrop to white. The tank and the lime were lit by an on camera flash, as this provided a sharp specular highlights for the water.

The actual shooting was done by dropping the lime into the tank and firing the camera with a remote trigger. Despite shooting bursts of five frames or so, it was surprisingly difficult to get a shot where the lime and the water splash had the desired composition. Once I had captured the desired shot, I used Photoshop to clean up the image.