I created this animation to test a character rig that I was developing for a short film. The simple narrative has been devised to put the character (Meek) through a number of scenarios to assess the ease of animation with the rig I had designed.

Specifically these scenarios involved animating run and walk cycles, facial expressions, lip sync and body language. Additionally I wanted to test the character’s ability to interact with his environment, hence the chair, which can be manipulated through the character’s IK chains when attached via switchable connections. This also gave me chance to animate some secondary movement where release timing would be critical.

Meek was modelled in Cinema 4D and I developed his texturing using Maxon Bodypaint, which I used for the UV mapping process and to touch up seams, while the photographic elements of the textures were created in Photoshop. Meek’s rig was build using C4D’s joint system with Inverse Kimatics used for arms and legs. Facial expressions were achieved with Pose Morph and XPresso.

Promo poster for Little Green Men