The goal for this project was to create a highly detailed image that visualises my own interpretation of a fictitious environment. The subject that I chose here was inspired by Terry Pratchett’s book ‘Jingo’, specifically his Leonardo Da Vinci character ‘Leonard of Quirm’ and the workshop in which he resides.

The idea was not to depict actual characters from the book, but to visualise a place and populate it with items that would define the role and habits of a character, as well as suggest a type of outside world through architectural elements. This would be the workshop of a rather eccentric and brilliant inventor from a renaissance style period.

The final look of the image was created by digitally hand painting over the photographic images with various brushes, essentially using the photographs as paint and following the forms laid down by the CGI underneath. Through this process I was able to create a dynamic environment through CGI, give it a sense of realism through photography and finally merge those two techniques with my own brush strokes.

The main construction of the image was done using CGI, however this was in a limited capacity as I wanted the image to have a very fictional, almost conceptual finish. To this end I developed all of the physical environmental aspects in CGI but rendered them as basic models with no texture. After this I used photography layered on top and blended with the CG elements (using Photoshop) to give the forms their texture and colour.

Initial concept art

Initial Conceptual Art : Pencil & Digitally Painted